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Some good examples of industrial engineering thesis topics:Supporting Operator Reliance on Automation through Continuous FeedbackRisk Optimization with p-Order Conic ConstraintsWind Turbine Vibration Study: A Data-driven MethodologyStatistical Analysis and Algorithms for Online Change Detection in Real-time Psychophysiological DataPredictive Engineering in Wind Energy: A Data-mining ApproachApplication of Computational Intelligence in Modeling and Optimization of HVAC SystemsEvaluating and Quantifying Drivers' Glance Behavior and Visual Workload at Un-Signalized IntersectionsThe Influence of Music on DrivingStatistical Comparison of Injuries Reported across the MidwestEye Tracking Metrics for Workload Estimations in Flight Deck OperationsDetect Driver DistractionOptimization Techniques in Data Mining with Applications to Biomedical and Psychophysiological Data SetsInnovation as a Complex Adaptive SystemMonitoring and Diagnosis of Process Faults and Sensor Faults in Manufacturing ProcessesPredictive Engineering in Wind Energy Industry: A Data Mining ApproachAmbiguity Aversion in Energy Efficient Investment DecisionsMeta-control of Combustion Performance with a Data-mining ApproachTurn Lane Lengths for Various Speed Roads and Evaluation of Determining CriteriaReliability Modeling for Linear Sensor SystemsAntenna Quality Assurance for Mars ExpressDriving with Visual Field Loss: Implications from a Driving Simulator StudyMining Wavelet Transformed Boiler Data SetsModeling of Wind Power Prediction: A Data Mining ExplorationTemporal Dimensions of Distraction Mitigation Strategies: Implications for Driving Performance and BehaviorA Simulation Study of Predictive Maintenance Policies and How They Impact Manufacturing SystemsModeling of Hemodialysis Patient Hemoglobin: A Data Mining ExplorationAn Assistive Search Strategy for Urban Search and Rescue RobotsHealthcare Analysis of Six Sigma Methodologies in a Taxonomy SystemDiscrepancy Investigation Protocol: Applications to Field and Vicarious ScienceCognitive Load and the Guidance of Attention in Complex Dynamic EnvironmentsAn Integrated Framework for the Evaluation of the Spatial and Temporal Components of Driver StressA Network Based Methodology to Model Supply Chain SystemsA Data Envelopment Analysis-Based Framework for Strategic Group Analysis: Empirical Investigation in the Hospital IndustryRemote Collaborative Product Development in a Product Development ChainPerceived Urgency and Perceived Annoyance of In-Vehicle Auditory Warning SignalsCAD Based Optimization of Gas Metal Arc Welding Process Parameters for Sheetmetal ComponentsStimergy-Based Control Systems for Multi-Robot SystemsCustomer-Centric E-Optimization of a Supply WebEvaluation of Traffic Flow Analysis Tools Applied to Work Zones Based on Flow Data Collected in the FieldExamining Sonification as a Means to Improve Supervisory Control in Multi-Agent SystemsDynamic Simulator for Clinical Breast Examination TrainingIncorporating Learning Classifier Systems to Improve Dispatching-Rule Selection for Production SchedulingA Formulation for Product Development and Deployment Systems DesignRemote Collaborative Product Development in a Product Development ChainDevelopment and Evaluation of Two Paradigms for Position Estimation in Multi-Robot TeamsForce Patterns Applied During Dental ExamsEnhancing Nighttime Pavement Marking Visibility for Older DriversInternet-Based Data Exchange: Devise a Mapping Mechanism for Data Exchange Between Distributed Databases Over the Internet Using XMLInternet-Based Supply Chain Infrastructure for a Virtual Enterprise: Integrating Information Sharing and Decision MakingAn Interval Analysis of Supply Chain Management for a Constraint-Based Genetic AlgorithmUse of Ergonomics Methods ApplicationAccuracy Analysis of Decision ProcessesMotion Control Logic for Large Excursion Driving SimulatorsAn Application of DEA to Assess Performance of the Dominican Republic Public School Districts Use of Ergonomic Methods in an Engineering EnvironmentDesign With Objects: An Approach to Object-Oriented DesignA Resource Consumption Model (RCM) for Process DesignIntegrated Machining Cost Calculations for Process Planning in CAD/CAM.

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Review the schedule and try to attend as many presentations as possible and keep it open and not limited to very few subjects that you already have heard about. Listen to learn and listen in a way as if you are the referee or on an editorial board for that presentation, trying to understand as much, and trying to analyze the research behind it, through asking questions such as what if we use this technique, what if that parameter changes, which other factors should be taken into consideration, how much simplification or assumptions are made, is the problem modeled in a realistic way or not? And so on.

MAKE NOTES from your understanding and from your thoughts during the presentation.

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Group all your learnings and notes to identify a key area, or opportunities to tie two keywords to each other (like a methodology and an application area which together you can make some development on). You might identify several areas, but then selecting one will depend on factors such as your desire, your research lab capabilities, your supervisor approval and such.

Industrial Engineering, University of San Jose-RecoletosAnswered 38w ago · Author has 96 answers and 18. 8k answer viewsThe breadth of IE topic for thesis is large, presently.

Industrial Engineering has gone from a production centric to service oriented discipline.

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This is because the core of this engineering study is about time and processes and you find these two universal in invented systems, even biological.

My thesis for example was both basic and leaning toward applied, governed by TMS and and principles set forth by F Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Theses and Dissertations · Follow for long-term production planning in aviation industry, Minxiang Zhang .

I and with other two classmates found a compelling evidence how inefficient rice farming methods were in the subjects we studied. Which our literature reviews told similar findings.

I cannot directly and specifically give you good answer as the question you asked for me is as broad as the IE principles can be applied to.

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Another reason, there is an abundant literature you can refer from to start out.