Proposals for New and Reinstated Courses Proposals for new courses typically originate in the board of study. A completed course proposal form is required for all new courses and when reinstating courses not in the current Purchase College Catalog or on the program website.

The course proposal form, with instructions, is available online under Faculty and Staff (“Additional Resources”) on the registrar’s site.

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Note: Because this form changes periodically, please bookmark the registrar’s Faculty and Staff page and download the form each time you need it. The information is required by the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs to review the reported credits and instructional contact hours for compliance with SUNY regulations and to edit as needed for college editorial style and length; by the Office of the Registrar to update the Banner information system, degree progress report (DPR), and eight-semester graduation plans; and by the Office of Institutional Research to report required data to external agencies.

Course Proposals for Study Abroad Before submitting any course proposal for Purchase study abroad programs, faculty members should meet with the director of international programs and services, who provides the initial review and approval.

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Faculty members with questions about course credits and instructional contact hours should consult with their board-of-study coordinator or the chair or director of their school or conservatory.

For related information, please refer to Academic Credit and Student Workload (Academic Policies, Purchase College Catalog) Discover more about the Mphil/PhD Politics Postgraduate Research Degree at the University of Southampton. acquire a rounded, overall knowledge of aspects of political science related to your proposed topic and We encourage and support student applications for ESRC funding and have a good record of success..

CIP Codes A CIP code, required for institutional data reporting, must be included on the course proposal form.

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Course numbers cannot be assigned without a CIP code. A link to the CIP codes is on the course proposal form.

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Questions about specific CIP codes should be referred to the director of institutional research. Special Curricular Attributes for Course Sections The institutional reporting of special section curricular attributes is now required by SUNY.

Each code describes enhanced curricular attributes that are important for understanding and describing the student’s complete academic experience associated with a particular course section 15 May 2015 - First, my experience is limited, so I'd suggest you also check out the Grad Cafe forum on Political Science, and So you want to get into a Ph.D..

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For courses that do have enhanced curricular attributes, the appropriate numerical code must be included on the course proposal form. For the codes and more information, please see the chart of enhanced curriculum codes and attributes, available under Faculty and Staff (“Additional Resources”) on the registrar’s site.

Questions about these codes should be referred to the director of institutional research.

Courses Proposed to Satisfy Core Curriculum Requirements Forms used for general education/core curriculum designation (Appendix B when proposing; Appendix C, when deleting) are available in the Document Library on the Educational Policies Committee’s SharePoint site A research proposal is a project outline of around 3000 words that you write You should state why you have chosen to apply to our Division at the University of Southampton. Philips, E and Pugh, D (2005, 4th edn) How to get a PhD: A Handbook for MSc Sociology and Social Policy, PhD in Sociology and Social Policy .

Courses are proposed for general education designation by a faculty member or board of study. The Appendix B form is completed and signed by the appropriate chair or director and submitted electronically to the chair of the Educational Policies Committee (EPC), who circulates it electronically to all members of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Council (LASAC) and Arts Academic Council (AAC).

Academic council members have one week in which to provide feedback electronically to the EPC.

The proposals are then reviewed and approved by the EPC Research proposal and title outlining the subject of the thesis and the means by which it is to be research. All students are required to be members of a college. If your college is unable to provide accommodation for you, you can get help .

Approved courses are sent to the provost and dean of student success, who review and report them to the president as meeting both the faculty governance and SUNY guidelines, before forwarding them to SUNY as campus‐approved general education courses. Assessment of general education outcomes is reported to the academic councils and the EPC during the first meetings of each semester after which these data have been collected.