Anthropology research reportThe research report is the intellectual foundation of your efforts to understand and contribute new insights about collapse and sustainability. It should contain the following identified sections (use these headings in your paper).

Please note that most of these sections are in your research proposal.

This sample cultural anthropology report is single spaced to keep file

Specifically, past cultures/histories and/or technologies are to be used to provide insights into contemporary challenges 31 Aug 2015 - This review originally appeared on Anthropology Report, has been reproduced here to give us a solid foundation for moving forward. Seary .

Find a sustainability challenge in the present (a question) and ask the past for an insight.

Introduction: Describe the problem your report addresses.

State your research question and central claim (the thesis you will argue). Remember, you are taking a question from the present and asking the past for insights.

Pay attention to the first sentence of your report; this is the first impression you will make on your reader. Preview your argument (list your reasons) and the structure of your argument so that your readers will be better able to follow the details.

Don't hesitate to use easy to follow sentences like, "The purpose of this report is to. " or "This report considers x to better understand y.

" OR "I provide three reasons in support of the central claim of this paper: .

Research report - anthropology

 State who your audience is and why they should read your report This sample Cultural Anthropology report is single spaced to keep file size small. Papers should be double spaced. A Glimpse Into the Culture of the Maasai..

Background: Tell your readers what is necessary to understand your problem and argument. This section must contain some discussion and acknowledgement of previous and similar peer-reviewed research.

" Create a box and arrow diagram that identifies the relationship between the variables you consider and the direction of assumed causality.

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 You will likely need at least one box between your independent variable (the left-most box) and your dependent variable (your right-most box) to explain the relationship between the variables you are investigating Adam Forensic Anthropology Report. Document. Pages. Notes. Text. Zoom. CLOSE. Previous for “” Next. p. 1. Loading Loading. p. 2. Loading Loading. p. 3..

Click here to see an example of a box-and-arrow diagram that presents a mechanism.

Describe your mechanisms so the reader understands the diagram. Present Reason 1 why your readers should believe your claim. Present the evidence and data that demonstrate the veracity of your claim.

Respond to potential objections, if you can think of any. (1-3 paragraphs) Note that simply citing something that someone said almost never constitutes convincing evidence---find the data/evidence they used to support their assertion and evaluate whether you are convinced by the data and use it in your argument (with citation to the source) if you are.

The section heading/title should be a brief statement of the reason, not "Present Reason 1".

Writing a field report - organizing your social sciences research

Identify the next steps the readers should take, if you are arguing they should take action.

Follow a consistent bibliographic format common in your discipline for citing your sources (which must be primarily peer-reviewed sources!--see below for data sources).

Citing Sources, IMPORTANT! Please note that whenever you use the ideas or words of others, you must place a citation to that author/source in your text Anthropology Report. 25K likes. Read real anthropology by real anthropologists. Click e-mail sign-up to subscribe for updates from Living Anthropologically..

Otherwise, you will be committing plagarism (a violation of the Honor Code). All paraphrasing requires the author's last name and year of the publication and all quotations require the author, year, and specific page number.

Please re-read pages 191-197 in The Craft of Research. I expect you to download a free trial of Scrivener.

It will help you structure your writing, ensure you do not miss important pieces of your argument (if you populate the sections to the left), and allow you to enter into and navigate any part of your report quickly. I recommend you set up your report in Scrivener as I have done to the left.

, "Introduction to topic and claim") as a separate paragraph.

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 Some pieces may be combined into a single paragraph 19 Nov 2015 - Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Forensic Anthropology Report: A Proposed Format Based on the National Association of Medical Examiners .

For example, your Evidence and Data may be in the same paragraph and your introductory paragraph may include your brief argument on why your question/claim is important.

Before you begin writing your report I suggest you re-read Part IV, Planning, Drafting, and Revising, of The Craft of Research. The book is your essential resource to assist you in your research and writing process.