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Ti" article *reported te re"ult" o# wole+(enome re+"euencin( o# 12, individual" repre"entin( all o# te $arwin%" !nc "pecie" and two clo"e relative". 2,1) Ti" article "owed teir metod" te' u"ed and ad a di"cu""ion conclu"ion. Ti" article al"o ad (rap" to "ow te data te' collected #rom te &ird".

Te "econd article I looked at wa" I" Beak 3orpolo(' in $arwin%" 4ince" Tuned to /oadin( $emand"5 Snow, Meradeth H., ANTY 213N.00: Physical Anthropology Lab (2014). in order to understand the basic fields of research in physical anthropology. An in- depth coverage of how to generate, test, and report on scientific hypotheses will .

Ti" article "tudied te correlation &etween ow &ird" eat teir #ood to teir &eak t'pe".

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Te' went over teirmetod" "o ti" experiment could &e repeated.

&) 3' initial 'pote"i" wa"7 I tink twee8er" will increa"e in #reuenc' over time and air clip" will decrea"e in #reuenc' over time. I tou(t twee8er" would &e a&le to pick up te #ood ea"ier and tat air clip" mi(t ave a ard time pickin( up #ood and ma' &reak i# &ein( u"ed to muc.

3aterial" and metod" a)Te material" tat were u"ed #or ti" experiment were7 twee8er"0 airclip"0 clote" pin"0 cop "tick"0 cip clip"0 &inder clip"0 ton("0 and "un:ower "eed".

Te "un:ower "eed" were u"ed a" te #ood and te oter material" were u"ed a" di6erent #orm" o# &eak" Jump to How to purchase a anthropology laboratory report business platinum - that once you receive your first order, new Lab Report Anthropology .

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Ten we ad one minute topick up te "un:ower "eed" u"in( te &eak we ad and put tem in our little cup. ;nce te minute wa" over te tree people tat ad te mo"t and te tree people tat ad te lea"t were taken to te "ide.

Te people tat ad te lea"t ad to (ive up teir &eak and it wa" replaced wit one o# te top tree people%" &eak t'pe. 4or example0 i# a twee8er wa" one o# te top tree and a cip clip wa" one o# te &ottom tree te cip clip would (o awa' and te' would(et twee8er" "o now tere wa" one extra twee8er in te (roup.

,2=?1,12 Beak variation" Total in variation c)Te data "ow" tat #avora&le &eak t'pe" increa"ed over time and un#avora&le &eak t'pe" decrea"ed over time Anthropology term papers (paper 3837) on Skull Comparison Lab Report: Skull Comparison Lab Report We were recently assigned the task of examining, note .

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Te &eak t'pe" tat decrea"ed are7 clote" pin"0 cop "tick"0 and &inder clip". Conclu"ion BeginRound1Round2Round3Round4Round 5 Twee8er"@??1,Aair Clip"@@@@@@Clote" Din@=922Cop Stick"@9999Cip Clip"?1,?Binder Clip" @@=== Ton(",,1122 Total 9=9=9=9=9=9= a)3' 'pote"e" wa" "upported &' twee8er" increa"in( over time.

3''pote"e" wa" reected &ecau"e air clip" did not decrea"e over time. &)3' 'pote"e" wa" "upported &ecau"e twee8er" increa"ed #rom !ve to ten over !ve round".

3' 'pote"e" wa" reected &ecau"e air clip" remained te "ame over !ve round" and clote" pin"0 cop "tick" and &inder clip" decrea"ed over time.

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$urin( our experiment cip clip" &roke "o people ad to !nd di6erent wa'" to u"e tem.

It al"o depend" on eac per"on u"in( te &eak t'pe Anthropology lab report 1 - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free..

4or example0 i# "omeone ad cop"tick"and te' are ver' (ood at u"in( cop"tick" and u"e tem o#ten tat would (ive tat &eak t'pe a &etter cance ver"e" people wo don%t know ow to u"e cop"tick". d)Replication o# ti" experiment ma' ave "imilar re"ult" a" we did owever0 it will mo"t likel' var' dependin( on te (roup o# people operatin( te &eak t'pe".

I# te experiment i" repeated "everal time" &' di6erent (roup" and te re"ult" remain te "ame or clo"e to te "ame tat "ow" tat our re"ult" are valid. A'pote"i" i" an educated (ue"" tat can &e te"ted and i" re#uta& "t te 'pote"i".

Conduct an experiment or o&"ervation to collect data to "upport or re#ute te 'pote"e". 4orm a conclu"ion &a"ed o# te data collected to "upport or re#ute te 'pote"i".

Repeat te proce"" to make "ure 'our re"ult" are accurate Anthropology lab report - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for A partial ordering for binary channels.pdf..

Te "cienti!c metod i" u"ed in all di6erent !eld" o# "cience.

It i" al"o u"ed in man' oter !eld" wen 'ou ave a (ue"" o# ow "ometin( will work out and te"t it to (et re"ult". &)Ti" activit' demon"trated te "cienti!c metod &' ever'one #ormin( teir own 'pote"i"0 ten per#ormin( an experiment o# &eak" (ettin( #ood !ve di6erent round" to collect "uFcient data0 and ten ever'one made a conclu"ion &a"ed on te data tat "upported or re#uted teir 'pote"i".

c)Te teor' o# evolution &' natural "election i" over time #avora&le variation" increa"e in #reuenc' in a population. Te underl'in( a""umption" are7 variation0 ineritance0 competition0 and di6erentialreproductive "ucce"".

Gariation i" "pecie" avin( di6erent trait" "uc a" &eak t'pe".