AxSirlotl) I have very little knowledge of the Napoleonic wars, but from what I've seen learning about WW2, there's a heightened sense of nationalism during wars. So I think that excluding those wars from the time period we are allocated reduces the amount of stuff I can talk about when analysing nationalism and it's growth throughout the 19th century.

What are the best books on the causes of WW1 in your opinion? (if possible).

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I'm thinking of reading Niall Ferguson's "The pity of war" or McMeekin's "July 1914: Countdown to war" although I'm not sure wide of a time span either of those books will cover, and whether they will be sufficient 8 Feb 2018 - World war 1 gallipoli essay help, history coursework a2 help, literature dissertation abstracts do college essays matter john muir essay the calypso essay about myself gap essay preiser buying things online-pros and cons .

The best book on the origins of WWI is probably, despite its age, Luigi Albertini's trilogy - though that's both difficult to get and I suspect too detailed for your needs. To my mind, he's more interested in coming up with a 'controverisal' argument just for the sake of it. I saw him get absolutely get destroyed in a TV debate regarding his assertion that Britain should have stayed out of WWI 'because although Germany would have won and ended up dominating the continent, it would have been no worse than the way Germany dominates the EU nowadays'! Er, no! Otoh definitely read McMeekin simply because he will provide a nice counterpoint to Germany being responsible - he blames Russia. Wading through the Fischer books is a tedious task, so I don't envy you that. Note also that Fischer's arguments are generally downplayed by modern historians so I would suggest it isn't worth going overboard on that a look at Christopher Clark's The Sleepwalkers for one such example.

Other decent single-volume histories would include Margaret Macmillas's The War That Ended Peace and Otte's July Crisis, which is particularly dismissive of Fischer in its conclusion.

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Last edited by ageshallnot; 29-12-2017 at 19:28 Coursework mathematics - We offer to buy college papers, written by high quality Not since World War II, when America was fighting a global two-front war for its The life of a six year old, anywhere in the world should be filled with bubbles .

AxSirlotl) The place where I'm doing my research only has McMeekin's "The Russian Origins of the First World War".

Is that a good book to read in your opinion? I can actually get access to Albertini's books so I'll check them out 2 Mar 2017 - Get shrewd points to consider when Cheap Buy Coursework Online I would do fantastic deal of animals jobs at your house. During World War II, the Imperial Japanese Commander had boasted that a million men in a .

My only worry is that I'm struggling to find any books which cover pre 1871 causes of WW1 in detail.

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However the bulk of the book focuses on the years 1871 onwards. Do you know of any books which shed light on any causes from the years before 1871? Thanks for the books. I didn't expect you to have access to such a wealth of material! Not a school library, I assume? The only McMeekin I have read is his slightly later book, July Crisis (2013).

I believe it has essentially the same arguments regarding Russia so you should be safe there.

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Fay is another good account though similarly old. Your basic problem is that the further away from an event you look, the more tenuous any connection becomes.

How would you find causes of May's election debacle back in 1918? Last edited by ageshallnot; 30-12-2017 at 11:58 29 Dec 2017 - I saw him get absolutely get destroyed in a TV debate regarding his assertion that Britain should have stayed out of WWI 'because although .

AxSirlotl) It's a university library so it's got a lot of stuff.

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However it makes sense that the vast majority of books start at the earliest 1871 (when writing about causes of WW1). I'm reading "The Long Fuse" by Lafore which I think briefly mentions the Conference of Vienna (I think) however I'm not entirely sure how useful his book will be. I understand that you have to write about pre-1871 in order to satisfy the terms of your 100-year brief, though it is a little awkward.

I assume you will include something on 1848 in Prussia.

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Don't forget that nationalism wasn't just a Prussian/German issue This meant that the Allies could launch a counter-offensive. The Eastern front played a large part in aiding the Allied victory in World War I. The Schlieffen Plan .

It played a considerable role elsewhere in the 19th century and in influencing the lead up to 1914 - not just the other Great Powers, but in Serbia, and even Hungary if you want to go into one of the more subtle factors leading to the outbreak of war.

Last edited by ageshallnot; 30-12-2017 at 17:50 This should be used alongside the general guide to controlled assessment World War I: conditions in the trenches / conscientious objectors. 4. was from the convalescent depot, that soldier was not allowed to buy a round of drinks. There is NO NEED to evaluate any sources or evidence in this part of the assignment..